Emirates is the world’s largest international airline (by distance travelled), and is regularly rated the strongest airline brand in the world by consumer sentiment. However, the issue for Emirates is that their most valuable high-disposable-income audience don’t really care who they fly with. They choose their airlines based on rational factors like price and schedule, which disadvantages Emirates. Our challenge was to make Emirates an emotional preference again for this audience who spend so much time in air.


Our solution was to “Wake up the World to what flying could be”. We needed to remind people that the experience of flying with Emirates is a cut above the rest, differentiating Emirates from other carriers as the airline of brilliant experiences.

To demonstrate just how amazing the Emirates experience is, we juxtaposed it against an all too familiar ‘nightmare’ flight. In order to create fame for the brand we used a global celebrity, Jennifer Aniston. In the TV ad she brilliantly exposed just how amazing it is to fly with Emirates.

The ad woke America up to flying as it could be. It sparked more than 2.5 million views on YouTube in the first three days and within 24 hours Jennifer Aniston and Emirates was trending on twitter. From being a relatively unknown airline, searches for Emirates went through the roof. And what’s more, during the period the ad ran, the number of bookings increased with 75%. Americans woke up to flying as it should be, and found themselves loving it.

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